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The substances that can cause rubber to be cured under certain conditions are collectively referred to as curing agents. Curing agent is a kind of material that can make rubber molecule chain crosslink reaction and linear molecule to be three-dimensional network structure, decrease the plasticity , increase the elastic strength and mechanical strength.

Organic peroxide curing agent is a kind of organic curing agent containing peroxy group (-O-O-). Organic peroxide curing agent is the main or only curing agent for saturated rubbers, such as silicone rubber, ethylene - propylene rubber, fluorine rubber, polyester polyurethane rubber, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and other rubber. Compared with sulfur vulcanization, organic peroxides vulcanization time is short, its vulcanizates has good heat resistance, no corrosion to metal, no pollution, and can be used for transparent products. In addition, the compression set is small, the scope of application is wide, it is suitable for saturated and unsaturated rubber.

Available products: DBPH, DCBP, PMBP, platinum, etc.

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