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Silica is the general name of white powder X-ray amorphous silicic acid and silicate products, mainly refers to precipitated silica, fumed silica and ultra-fine silica gel, but also includes powder synthesis of aluminum silicate and calcium silicate. 

Silica is a porous material whose composition can be represented by SiO2·nH2O, where nH2O exists in the form of surface hydroxyl group.Soluble in caustic alkali and hydrofluoric acid, insoluble in water, solvents and acids (except hydrofluoric acid). Silica is high temperature resistant, non-flammable, tasteless, odorless, and has good electrical insulation.

As an environmental friendly and excellent additive, silica is mainly used in the fields of rubber products (including high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber), textile, paper making, pesticide and food additives.

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